Synthetic Artillery Native Instruments Maschine Expansion


500+ Maschine Formatted Instruments 

10 DrumSynth Group Drumkits

Download Size: 1.9GB 

Total Size Over 2.3GB after unpack

Price: $45 sale price (reg. $65)

Expansion requires Maschine 2.1.1 and up. 

Due to the FX chains used in creating these sounds some instruments may be Processor heavy!

Synthetic Artillery Maschine Expansion Details

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Candy Paint It Demo by: @MGthefuture

Move Something Demo by: @MGthefuture

Sunset Strip Demo by: @MGthefuture

Feel The Rhythm Demo by: @killahtrakz

Demo Review of Synthetic Artillery by SaintJoe of and

Knock Squared  "I bought that Synthetic Artillery Joint man. Its DOPE.... GREAT work !"

Vincent E. Brandon  "The DrumSynth programming on the Synthetic Artillery expansion is just Cray-Zee!

Nice instruments and interesting Basses! If you want some Heavy Artillery this is a great purchase. Plus it supports one of our more dedicated 3rd party contributors!

Put em on the payroll NI! They're that good!"

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